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Update the README file with docker and injection documentation.

Describres how to run the app into Docker.
Describes how to inject some data to have an idea of the map rendering.
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## Overview
NodeJS server application, providing a REST API and an HTML visualization, to manage and show a lightmap. Tis project is originally dedicated to use during FIT IoT-LAB contests.
### Running the server
## Running the server
To run the server, follow these simple steps:
......@@ -11,14 +10,30 @@ npm install
node .
To view the Swagger UI interface:
open http://localhost:8080/docs in your browser
To view the Swagger UI interface, open http://localhost:8080/docs in your browser.
To view the map, open http://localhost:8080/map in your browser.
You can inject some data to have an idea of the rendering, see [this section](#inject)).
If you want to deal with team map, update the teams variable at the end of `controllers/DefaultService.js`.
If you wan to change some parameter of the display map, update value in map.html (under the comment :'VARIABLES YOU CAN CHANGE')
## Running with Docker
$ git clone
$ cd demo-fit-light-map
$ ./
$ ./
<a name="inject"></a>
## Inject data (testing purpose)
There is two python scripts allowing to submit a set of data:
- ``: put random values into the map
- ``: put data coming from a real experiment on the testbed, stored in local txt files
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